Naturist Eden Apartment Villa with only 3 apartments and a private pool is located on the most southern tip of Phuket, known for its romantic and spectacular sunsets. Set in beautiful hillside grounds bursting with tastefully nurtured vegetation with a back-to-nature feel. The guests can enjoy a large 1000 sq.m gated garden with trees and palms, very tranquil and secluded.
Only the housekeeper, and occasionally a manager, come to the property every day for few hours. There is no crowd and enough privacy for everyone.
The villa is located only 1 km from Rawai beach, but we do recommend to rent a motorbike or a car to move around.
The villa is an ideal place for a true naturists who want to relax and enjoy in peaceful nature surroundings. Sex tourism and swingers are absolutely prohibited. Please read more about Guest rules at the bottom of the page.



Fully furnished 56 sq.m large apartment with 1 bedroom with AC, a bathroom, a living room with a kitchen and ceiling fans. Bed linen, towels, free WiFi, cable TV, pool, garden and free parking.


85 sq.m large furnished apartment with 2 bedrooms with AC. There are 2 en suite bathrooms, a kitchen, a spacious dining/living room with ceiling fans. Bed linen, towels, free WiFi, cable TV, pool, garden and free parking.



Fully furnished 56 sq.m large apartment with 1 bedroom with AC, a bathroom, a living room with a kitchen and ceiling fans. Bed linen, towels, free WiFi, cable TV, pool, garden and free parking.


Google maps coordinates:
7.763746, 98.312997

The drive from Phuket airport to our apartments takes up to 1,5 hour depending on the traffic.

Getting around
We recommend to rent a motorbike or a car which is the best and easiest way to move around to experience the Prompthep cape and surrounding beaches.

All that you need to buy you can find in radius of 1,5 km at the most. The nearest local shop and also a restaurant is just 80 m away. Nai Harn Beach (distance 2,8 km) is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket.

Rawai Beach (distance 1,2 km) is a great place to interact with locals. There you will find ATMs, shops and markets lining the beach road.


Naturist Eden Apartment Villa has only 3 apartments enclosed with 1000 sq.m gated garden. Surrounded by nature, it is very quiet and
peaceful yet close to the Rawai and Nai Harn beach with their laidback night life.

You can rent an apartment or a whole villa. The villa can accommodate up to 10 guests, but there is also a room for baby cot if you are travelling with an infant. The property is gated and only the guests have the access. There is a private parking for cars and motorbikes as well.

The cleaning 1 x per week is free of charge. If you want your apartment to be cleaned more often this can be arranged with our staff at an extra cleaning fee.

We don’t have a reception and employees available 24 hours a day. There is no a communal bar. Our guests are mainly travellers who like to be independent. They alone take care of their comfort as well as cleaning, washing the dishes, waste disposal, etc.

Our housekeeper and a manager take care primarily of the pool, garden and any technical problems in the villa. Their duties do not include service. However, if they can, they will help and give you any information or advice needed. They are usually at the villa in the morning when they clean the pool and the garden, so this is the best time to talk to them.
They can also arrange a motorbike or car rental, a taxi and help you with other information.

Naturist Eden apartments are open from May till November.


Naturists are comfortable not wearing any clothes but for guests who are not yet ready there are towels in every apartment that you can
Wherever you go in the villa and you sit, you have to sit on the towels or clothes in order to protect your body. We require that our guests
always sit on a towel or sarong when using the sunbeds.

Unauthorized photography and/or videoing (including use of camera phones) of adults and minors will not be tolerated.
Taking photos or making video recordings is not allowed without permission. Please ask each time that you want to take a photo or selfie
with your mobile phone.

Smoking is not allowed in your apartment but you may smoke outside your apartment and where it does not bother other guests.

Your friends are welcome to visit you while staying at the resort. Make sure they accept our naturist concept before they arrive. Short time
sex workers are not permitted.

No sexual activity is allowed anywhere except in your room. This includes intimate touching that you would not do in a public place outside
the villa.
We are a naturist villa and not a “swingers” place. We do not allow any type of public sexual activity at Naturist Eden Villa.
We will not condone any sexual harassment or public sexual acts.

We allow children, when accompanied by an adult. Some of our guests are families with children of all ages.

Unacceptable Behavior
Unacceptable behavior includes specifically but may not be limited to:
Overt sexual acts or displays as well as any aggressive acts or threatening body language.
Inappropriate touching – defined as unwelcome touching of another persons’ body or parts of your own body.
Persistent staring, stalking or following, voyeuristic positioning or crowding of an individual’s personal space.
Unwelcome communications – defined as any unwanted advances, remarks, suggestions, propositions, gestures, threats, messages,
ridicule or jokes of a crude or sexual nature.
Persistent attempts to engage another person in clearly undesired conversation.
Unsolicited comments and/or gestures about a person’s body.